“It’s taken me a long time to write this review because I didn’t want to come across as too gushy, but there really is no way to express my experience with Beach Cities but to gush.

Bridget and her team are wonderful, it felt like family from the minute she walked in our door. She knew how to speak to and how to interact with my son and within weeks we saw improvement with his speech. We were facing a diagnosis of apraxia but instead of feeling discouraged, Bridget’s expertise and optimism kept us encouraged that we would have a positive outcome. Instead of pushing for more sessions, Bridget was always up front with us that to see improvement, we would have to work with our son on our own. So Bridget provided us with the tools and exercises that we needed and my family and caregiver worked with our son every day. The excitement and caring that we felt from Bridget when she saw improvement was all the encouragement that we needed to continue working with her. She truly wanted to see our son succeed.

Beach Cities also made it very easy to work with my insurance company. The last thing I wanted to stress about was money when trying to get help for my son, and their practices and procedures made the process simple.

When our time with Bridget came to an end, it really was bittersweet. She has already come back for a follow-up after a few months just to track my sons progress and has been willing to do that at any time we feel is necessary. Now sometimes we can’t get our son to stop talking and we can absolutely attribute that to Bridget and her team!”

Stacey R . - Parent

“Very happy with our speech therapist and our results. Brooke is wonderful to connect with and we are so happy we chose Beach Cities Speech Therapy.”

Esther A . - Parent

“We started with Beach Cities about a month ago for my 4 year old daughter as we were not happy with the previous speech therapy. I am so glad I found them as the best thing about them is that they provide speech therapy at home. I spoke to Brooke who is such a sweet lady to speak to. She answered all my questions patiently and also was able to start the speech therapy for my daughter in a week’s time as we had assessments from previous centers.

My daughter’s speech therapist is Layla and I have to tell that she is very nice and professional person. I like the fact that she arrives on time for all her sessions and even if she is late by few minutes she makes up the time for it. She brings very good books and games that keep my daughter engaged throughout the session. After the end of each session, she discusses what she worked on during the session and answers all my queries patiently. My daughter sometimes is non-compliant but she is able to handle her very well as she has a very good experience working in ABA class rooms.

I would recommend Beach Cities Speech Therapy Center to anyone who are looking for the speech therapy for their kids.”

Vijaya K . - Parent

“My experience with Bridget changed my son’s whole academic trajectory. He started as a quiet child unwilling to try any therapeutic modality. Over a two year period he grew, learned and thrived.

He is now in first grade and is nearly free of any need for speech therapy. I could not recommend Bridget more highly.”

Eric H. - Parent

“We have been working with Brooke and Bridget from Beach Cities Therapy for a few months and love them! Our son was tested for speech at his school but didn’t qualify. As a mom I knew he needed extra attention and didn’t want to wait until it was too late. Brooke and Bridget were just what we needed! Their lessons were fun and informative, and we saw progress right away! Our son loved his weekly sessions with Bridget. She also gave us great apps and information that we could do at home. I am so thankful we found him and got our son the help he needed. I have met with many speech therapists and this company is by far my favorite! Brooke and Bridget are so sweet, they make the kids feel comfortable right away! Plus, I love the fact that they come to your home. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a speech therapist!”

Katie B. – Parent

“Brooke from Beach Cities Speech Therapy has been working with our son on his Rs. He has made great progress and can now make every version of R without hesitation. He was completely unable to make any kind of R before Brooke’s help, so we are delighted. Brooke has been very resourceful, using fun and compelling activities to keep our son focused and engaged. He is glad when he knows that Miss Brooke is coming. Next up: S!

We have also met Bridget, another speech therapist, and liked her very much. I definitely recommend this business.”

Sally P. – Parent

“My daughter started speech therapy with Beach Cities Speech Therapy in November of 2012. We just finished over a year of speech therapy and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of therapy provided by Brooke and Bridget. Brooke and Bridget are sisters, co-owners, and both speech pathologists. They both worked with my daughter, and she loved them both very much. She even looked forward to them coming each week. They did therapy at our house, which was great because my wife and I could do stuff around the house while our daughter was receiving therapy. They are both very knowledgable in their field and always made our family seem like their number one priority. This was great because they are very busy with many other families in the South Bay!

When my daughter was 2 1/2 she was extremely delayed in her expressive language abilities. She had about 20 words when she started therapy. Now she is speaking in 3 word phrases and short sentences!!! My wife and I feel blessed that we found Beach Cities Speech Therapy. We will be forever grateful for the services that Brooke and Bridget provided and the positive impact that it made on our child’s future (and our sanity!). If you are looking for in-home therapy Beach Cities Speech Therapy is the company to call!”

J.T. – Parent

“Bridget has been working with both of my kids, ages 7 and 4 to help them with their speech challenges. My oldest has had a tough time with his “r” sound. Through Bridget’s focused and individualized lessons, instruction, ability to be engaging and fun, and encouragement – my kids have made incredible progress and even mastery with many of their speech goals.

I am so grateful for her help with addressing my kids’ speech issues and feel lucky that we found her.”

Marie A – Parent

“I found Beach Cities Speech on Yelp since I was unhappy with the therapy my son was receiving at the Children’s Speech Care Center. Beach Cities was a much better fit since we didn’t have to go into an office but they come to you! I truly believe receiving therapy in a comfortable environment really helped my son connect initially with his therapist (Betty).

I contacted Beach Cities Speech and Brooke got back to me very promptly. She set my son up for a speech assessment very quickly and brought along one of her speech therapists, Betty, with her. My son is typically very shy around anyone new but when Brooke and Betty showed up with a huge bag of toys and games, it was all fun and games for him from that point on.

My son has a language delay due to some ear issues (i.e. multiple ear infections as infant) and it didn’t help that he was also shy and very independent. He seemed to understand plenty, but would not vocalize much. He has had speech therapy with Betty for about a year and half now and has made incredible progress. When he first started, he barely put 4-5 words together and was behind socially. Now, he’s using more complex sentences, initiating conversations, and even volunteering to answer in his pre-K class. Betty is AMAZING! Betty has not only improved his speech but also helped him build his confidence.

Betty was so engaging with him and made the therapy fun that he couldn’t wait to see her again! Her techniques for speech therapy is so enjoyable—-my son was always eager to see what she had brought with her. I knew right after our first meeting with Betty that she was the best fit for us. My son is very stubborn and not very easy to keep engaged, yet Betty works wonders. She is so good with him, and he enjoys working with her. If I could afford it, I would just pull my son from preschool and have him learn from Betty all day!

As a mother, it was wonderful to have found a therapist that truly cares about your child and does everything she can to help them. Betty has a unique ability to interact with kids, make them feel safe, and gain their trust. I am also grateful for Betty’s professionalism. She always gave me updates and explained his deficits to me and how we were going to address them. She even sent me various speech tips and articles for at home.

I am so very thankful for the time that Betty has spent with my son. As my son nears graduating from Beach Cities Speech Therapy, I cannot thank Betty enough for everything she’s done for him. I know my son will miss her terribly.

If you are looking for a speech therapist for your little one, I highly recommend Betty and Beach Cities Speech Therapy!”

Tessie M- Parent

“I was extremely anxious about my son’s speech, or lack there of. I had him assessed and the results were not good. Bridget was superbly kind to me and reassuring. Betty and her came out two days later and began speech therapy.

The first session went great and my son was making sounds I had never heard before. We had one other session with Betty, and it also went great. My son would tolerate them requiring him to talk much more than he allows with me. They knew how to manipulate his mouth to produce sound.

I am happy to say that all we needed was two therapy sessions, because my son’s speech exploded. I will not attribute it to speech therapy, since I only had 2 sessions. The session did, however, teach me what to focus on. I would have never started asking for 2 word sentences if not for the first speech therapy session. I also would not have encouraged him to annunciate ending sounds. I would have solely followed the advice I learned from a website called teachmetotalk.com..

Although my son is all caught up and considered typical, I am still happy that I started speech therapy right away. If there was a true delay, I would have wanted to catch it as early as possible. I felt confidant in working with both Bridget and Betty. I can tell they truly love kids.”

Kat M – Parent

“Amanda is absolutely AMAZING! Her sessions with my boys are extremely productive and she always takes the time to provide specific strategies for us to use throughout the week. The quality of speech therapy that she provides is unparalleled!”

Brianna E – Parent

“Our therapist Betty Lau is outstanding. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional, patient, caring and flexible. Ms. Lau has been coming to our home and providing speech therapy services to our daughter since June 2013 and we began to see results within weeks. Our daughter has been receiving speech services from various other providers since 2008. After reaching a point where our daughter appeared to have plateaued and we saw very little improvement, we contacted Beach Cities Speech Therapy and started working with Ms. Lau. Now, we see steady improvement and experience regular breakthroughs. We are hearing our daughter clearly articulate sounds that she has struggled with her entire life. Our daughter especially enjoys her time with Ms. Lau. She makes each therapy session fun as well as productive. Our daughter looks forward to her therapy sessions every week. We are very thankful to Ms. Lau and would not hesitate to recommend her. We are very pleased with the speech therapy services that we have received from Beach Cities Speech Therapy.”

Brian L – Parent